The Jumpstart North Philly West Training Program educates novice developers then connects them with more experienced real estate professionals. Skylight Homes, LLC staff lead four mentoring sessions per year with an emphasis on providing opportunities to minority and women investors. Each of these learning sessions consist of nine to fifteen hours of instruction, introducing novice developers to the basics of the real estate development process. By involving guest speakers and construction site visits, these mentoring sessions provide attendees with a working knowledge of real estate acquisition, financing, construction, leasing and property management.

Some of the topics covered in the Training Program:

  • Create a Development Strategy
  • Identify Your Team
  • Sourcing a Property
  • Do Your Due Diligence
  • Find Your Financing
  • Design and Permits
  • Construction
  • Lease/Manage/Sell Your Property

After each Training Program, Jumpstart North Philly West assigns industry veterans as mentors to guide mentees through their next development project. Mentees learn how to create a financial base for themselves and their families by investing in residential properties while working to remove blight and vacancies from the North Philly West community. Mentors have the opportunity to see the benefits of this program by increasing property values in and around North Philly West and, more importantly, by making a significant difference in their community.


One Goal

Interested applicants must have a commitment to revitalizing North Philly West. The focus of Jumpstart North Philly West is not only financial gain for the participant. Jumpstart North Philly West is devoted to changing North Philly West for the better and ask that only candidates with a similar mission apply.

To apply, please complete the following:

Training Program Application

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.