Developers’ Network

The Developers’ Network is about making connections between community developers and building mutually beneficial relationships to “grow the pie.” Real estate development can be a very isolating and frustrating process and developers often fight over the same piece of the “pie.” By sharing resources (information, contractors, vendors, properties, etc…), developers focusing on North Philly West can work together to be more productive and profitable thereby expanding the “pie.”

Jumpstart North Philly West™ was created with the idea that community developers are not in competition with each other. Developers are working towards a shared goal, the revitalization of North Philly West and increased property values. The Developers’ Network meets four times per year, allowing participants to enjoy a nice dinner, hear an informative guest speaker, and network to their heart’s content. Between Network meetings, developers communicate on the Jumpstart North Philly West™  Facebook page providing for an ongoing dialogue of ideas and suggestions.

Robin Miller, Executive Director of Jumpstart North Philly West™ and a licensed real estate professional, oversees the Developers’ Network. 

Please contact us if you would like to join the Developers’ Network, sponsor an upcoming Developers’ Network meeting, or have an idea for a guest speaker.

When We Work Together, North Philly West Wins

By working together, real estate developers and investors can accomplish more than by working alone. From encouraging each other to sharing ideas and resources, we can make an immediate positive impact on the North Philly West community.